ICO Time Left:
Tokens Sold: CNIF
Available for purchase:
750 000 CNIF
CNIF Price:
0.00125 ETH
Total Ethereum Raised:

How to buy tokens

CNIF is a token based on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain, therefore you have to send Ether on the crowdsale address in exchange for tokens. Once the transaction is confirmed by Ethereum blockchain, a smart contract will send you Tokens automatically. To see Tokens in the wallet, please, add Custom Token Address to your wallet, as pictured below.

For successful transaction set Gas Limit 200000 and Gas Price 21 gwei or you can calculate Gas Price on ethgasstation.info service.

Token Contract Address:
Token Symbol: CNIF
Decimals: 18

Attention!!! Don't send Ethereum from exchange wallet. Tokens will be sent to the exchanger address, but you will not see them in your wallet.

Distribution of Bounty Tokens

Twitter Active Users:
Bitcointalk Active Users:
Community Supporters:

  • Active Twitter Users will receive 35% of total Bounty.
    Each member of Twitter Bounty Compaign should have at least 100 followers.
    Additionally, each member should subscribe to official CryptoNote Fund page on Twitter and retweet every post.

  • Active Bitcointalk Thread Users will receive 35% of total Bounty.
    Each participants should make at least 50 publications on Bitcointalk on the CryptoNote.Fund topic page https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5030646. Warning: spam is not allowed and spammers will be excluded and reported.

  • Promo and Advertising Partners will receive 30% of the total Bounty.
    Partners placing CryptoNote Fund Crowdsale banner on all website pages will receive Tokens.
    Partner's website traffic should be 50+ visitors per day.
    Partners should place a banner on their website from the start of PreSale until the end of ICO.

  • Community Supporters will receive 20% of the total Bounty.
    Community Supporters is a group of enthusiasts (translators, designers, bloggers, and others), that help to promote and develop the CNIF ecosystem.

Bounty Tokens will be sent within a month after the successful end of crowdsale.
One person can earn bounty tokens from each program described above, depending on the number of successful ones.

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