CryptoNote Fund How it work

What is it ?

The project is founded to create an opportunity to trade the Index Token made up of the top thirteen CryptoNote coins. We believe that CryptoNote coins, unlike many other currencies, can build fast, decentralized, anonymous and untraceable currency with a low transaction fee - what is the main purpose of cryptocurrencies. Thus, investment in CryptoNote Fund portfolio ensures you high returns in the medium-term future. No broker fees, no exit fees, full control over your assets and full transparency.

Whit is CryptoNote Index Fund

How does it work?

After successful fundraising, we will create a portfolio of thirteen CryptoNote coins chosen by fund founders and our community. During crowdsale, every participant will automatically receive CNIF tokens providing holders with a claim to share a fund. Later those tokens would be added to our partners' exchanges. Index Fund Token is a share of the investment portfolio fund and a reflection of coins' average value.

Investment in CNIF token gives you a possibility to :
- Hold token for any period of time
- Trade token on exchange
- Liquidate your share of CryptoNote index fund's net worth at any time after fund formation.

Performance Page displays real-time statistics, which is a key element in the Fund system. Fund managers, shareowners, and traders benefit from speculations thanks to these data.


CryptoNote Multicurrency Portfolio

CryptoNote Multicurrency Portfolio

Index Fund consists of the most popular and vibrant CryptoNote coins, therefore it reflects the total market value of technology.

Easy access to your fund share

Easy access to your fund share

ERC20 Token is easily manageable, while light wallets MetaMask and MEW enable to conduct transactions without downloading blockchain.

Index Fund Managementм

Index Fund Management

Financial gain from Fund Management goes back to the Fund, thereby accumulating its total value.

Realtime Index Value Stats

Realtime Index Value Stats

To display relevant Fund value we analyze market information every minute.

Token Information & ICO Structure

Fund Utilization: 100% Underlying Assets

Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum blockchain

Token Symbol: CNIF

Supply: 1 000 000 CNIF

Available for purchase: 750 000 CNIF

Token Distribution: Bounty - 50 000 CNIF, Team - 100 000 CNIF, EcoSystem - 100 000 CNIF

Price per token: 0.001 ETH - PreICO (Max 250 000 CNIF), 0.00125 ETH - ICO

ICO PreSale: 1 November 2018

ICO Sale: 1 December 2018

Minimum Fundraising Goal: 50 ETH

All unsold coins will be destroyed

No new coins will be minted, created or mined after the ICO


12 September 2018

Discussion of CryptoNote Index Fund idea in Bytecoin community, project formation.

15 September 2018

The end of token and crowdsale smart contract development on Ethereum Ropsten Test Network

15-30 September 2018

Website Development. Work in Social Networks. First partnerships with CryptoNote coins representatives and communities

October 2018 - January 2019

Start of marketing, promotion and bounty program

November 2018 - January 2019

Community voting in social networks for considering coin a contender for adding to the fund index

1 November 2018

Pre ICO starts (with 25% Discount) until 1 December 2018

1 December 2018

Start of ICO until 12 January 2019

12-15 January 2019

ICO Ends. Fund Utilization

January 2019

CNIF Token listing on partners' exchanges for trade. Bounty payments for an active participant

April 2018 - Future

Collecting and analysing data, report publishing

Safe ERC-20 Smart Contract

Open source code located on GitHub (also verified on Etherscan) provides absolute transparency of the fundraising system. Token distribution for participants performs automatically. The investments will be recouped, in case we won't raise total required funds.

View our github
contract CNIFCrowdsale is CappedCrowdsale, RefundableCrowdsale {
  // ICO Stage
  // ============
  enum CrowdsaleStage { PreICO, ICO }
  CrowdsaleStage public stage = CrowdsaleStage.PreICO;
  // =============

  // Token Distribution
  // =============================
  uint256 public maxTokens = 1000000000000000000000000; // Total supply 1000 000 CNIF Tokens
  uint256 public tokensForEcosystem = 100000000000000000000000;
  uint256 public tokensForTeam = 100000000000000000000000;
  uint256 public tokensForBounty = 50000000000000000000000;
  uint256 public totalTokensForSale = 750000000000000000000000; // 750 000 CNIFs will be sold in Crowdsale
  uint256 public totalTokensForSaleDuringPreICO = 250000000000000000000000; // 250 000 out of 750 000 CNIFs will be sold during PreICO
  // ==============================

  // Amount raised in PreICO
  // ==================
  uint256 public totalWeiRaisedDuringPreICO;
  // ===================

  // Events
  event EthTransferred(string text);
  event EthRefunded(string text);

  // Constructor
  // ============
  function CNIFCrowdsale(uint256 _startTime, uint256 _endTime, uint256 _rate, address _wallet, uint256 _goal, uint256 _cap) CappedCrowdsale(_cap) FinalizableCrowdsale() RefundableCrowdsale(_goal) Crowdsale(_startTime, _endTime, _rate, _wallet) public {
      require(_goal <= _cap);
  // =============

  // Token Deployment
  // =================
  function createTokenContract() internal returns (MintableToken) {
    return new CNIFToken(); // Deploys the ERC20 token. Automatically called when crowdsale contract is deployed
  // ==================

  // Crowdsale Stage Management
  // =========================================================

  // Change Crowdsale Stage. Available Options: PreICO, ICO
  function setCrowdsaleStage(uint value) public onlyOwner {

      CrowdsaleStage _stage;

      if (uint(CrowdsaleStage.PreICO) == value) {
        _stage = CrowdsaleStage.PreICO;
      } else if (uint(CrowdsaleStage.ICO) == value) {
        _stage = CrowdsaleStage.ICO;

      stage = _stage;

      if (stage == CrowdsaleStage.PreICO) {
      } else if (stage == CrowdsaleStage.ICO) {

  // Change the current rate
  function setCurrentRate(uint256 _rate) private {
      rate = _rate;

  // ================ Stage Management Over =====================

  // Token Purchase
  // =========================
  function () external payable {
      uint256 tokensThatWillBeMintedAfterPurchase = msg.value.mul(rate);
      if ((stage == CrowdsaleStage.PreICO) && (token.totalSupply() + tokensThatWillBeMintedAfterPurchase > totalTokensForSaleDuringPreICO)) {
        msg.sender.transfer(msg.value); // Refund them
        EthRefunded("PreICO Limit Hit");


      if (stage == CrowdsaleStage.PreICO) {
          totalWeiRaisedDuringPreICO = totalWeiRaisedDuringPreICO.add(msg.value);

  function forwardFunds() internal {
          EthTransferred("forwarding funds to refundable vault");
  // ===========================

  // Finish: Mint Extra Tokens as needed before finalizing the Crowdsale.
  // ====================================================================

  function finish(address _teamFund, address _ecosystemFund, address _bountyFund) public onlyOwner {
      uint256 alreadyMinted = token.totalSupply();
      require(alreadyMinted < maxTokens);

      uint256 unsoldTokens = totalTokensForSale - alreadyMinted;
      if (unsoldTokens > 0) {
        tokensForEcosystem = tokensForEcosystem + unsoldTokens;


Why CryptoNote ?
Because CryptoNote based coins are relatively unknown and undervalued, which makes them the most promising cryptocurrency field.
Who are you?
We are community project developers, not anonymous and always open for discussion on our Telegram group.
How will I earn a profit?
You are an owner of the fund share - CNIF tokens. Once the value of fund rises, the value of your token goes up as well. So you can trade token when the price is high. Token represents the situation on the CryptoNote coins market.
What if the Minimum Fundraising Goal will not be achieved?
Шn case we won't raise total reqiured funds, the investments will be recouped. The function for recoupation is written in the smart contract code, so we will share instruction "how to" invoke it and get ETH back on your wallet.
Do you plan to trade fund assets or purchased tokens will remain on the wallet?
There won't be a daily trading, so the Index only shows the value of thirteen CryptoNote coins. We will sell some coins if their price is overvalued. (e.g. Bytecoin Binance listing May 8 2018)
Will I get every month's benefits?
No, the Index only shows the average CryptoNote situation on the market. So you can trade it (sell high, buy cheap). Fund Manager will perform fund rebalancing, so CNIF value could growth regardless of market situation also.
How many coins will be selected by the team and community?
There are 13 coins in total. Our team will announce 6 coins before Pre ICO, while community will select coins that remains. Index Fund Manager can remove old or add new coins during project work.
CryptoNote coins is untraceable how will I know that you hold coins on the wallets ?
There is a few methods, view only wallets and reserve proofs. Reserve proof allow to create signature proving that we own at least N amount of coins.

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